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The Hare’s Ear Fur Blend Collection

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A unique, all-natural blend of guard hairs and fur for the ultimate “buggy” nymph-tying experience; no wax required.

Available in 6 colors: 

  • Regular, Light, Olive, Dark Brown, Tan & Black


Natural fur blends have been a staple in Joe’s lifelong fly fishing career. “It’s the one thing my Dad taught me to take seriously. He was extremely passionate about making the finest fur blends possible and to this day, every time I make a fur blend, I can still hear his voice…” ~ Joe Ackourey

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Natural Grey, Light, Olive, Dark Brown, Black, Tan

1 review for The Hare’s Ear Fur Blend Collection

  1. Bob

    Best hares ear dubbing out there. Super picky for dubbing loops, and for buggy flies

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