Joe Ackourey Fly Fishing Adventures

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  • The Dry Fly Natural Fur Blend Collection

    A unique, all-natural dry fly blend that will easily dub down to the smallest hook sizes. No wax is required.

    Available in 7 colors: 

    • Female Hendrickson, Muskrat, Slate Drake, March Brown, Blue Winged Olive, Sulphur Dunn, Light Cahill
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  • The Hare’s Ear Fur Blend Collection

    A unique, all-natural blend of guard hairs and fur for the ultimate “buggy” nymph-tying experience; no wax required.

    Available in 6 colors: 

    • Regular, Light, Olive, Dark Brown, Tan & Black
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  • Compara Dun Deer Hair

    “There are many factors that I consider when choosing the Compara Dun Deer Hair for tying these special Flies. Not all deer hair Is created equal, I know what the fly tyers need to get the perfect fly.” ~ Joe Ackourey

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