Knot Tying

Improved Clinch knot: used for tying flies/hooks to the end of the tapered




Perfection Loop: Attaching a tapered leader to a fly line.


Attach a four inch piece of heavy 25/30lb monofilament to the fly line using a nail knot, at the other end of the 4 inch piece of monofilament tie the perfection Loop.  Now tie a perfection Loop at the heavy end of the tapered leader if it does not have one. To join the tapered leader to the new fly line loop you just attached, you must place the fly line loop through the tapered leader loop and then take the fine end of the tapered leader and place it through the fly line loop and pull the entire length of that tapered leader through that loop until the loops connect.

You can also use the perfection Loop Knot to attach tippet to a tapered leader.


NAIL KNOT: using a nail knot tying tool; this knot is used to attach a tapered leader directly to the fly line.



Blood Knot: primarily used to extend/join tippet to leader.


Dropper (2 styles):

1:  Using a blood knot, exaggerate the length (a total of about 4 inches) of the heavier of the two ends. clip off the shorter piece and tie the fly to the 4 inch piece.

2: Using an improved clinch knot, attach the desired length of monofilament to the back of the bend of the hook of a dry fly then attach the nymph/emerger to the other end.



Remember to always wet the monofilament before you secure any knot!!! Doing so will significantly reduce the friction/abrasion that occurs when securing that will weaken the knot

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