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Knot Tying 101

“You Need To Know These Knots”

Improved Clinch Knot
Perfection Loop
Blood Knot
Nail Knot

“There are many factors that I consider when choosing the Compara Dun Deer Hair for tying these special flies. Not all deer hair is created equal, I know what the Fly Tyers need to get the perfect fly.”  ~ Joe Ackourey

Knots And Their Uses

Improved Clinch Knot: Used For Tying Flies To The End Of A Tapered Leader/Tippet
Perfection Loop: Used For Attaching A Tapered Leader To A Fly Line
Nail Knot: Used For Attaching A Tapered Leader Directly To The Fly Line
Blood Knot: Used Primarily To Extend/Join Tippet Material To  A Tapered Leader
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