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Compara Dun Deer Hair

Compara Dun Deer Hair Natural Colors


“There are many factors that I consider when choosing the Compara Dun Deer Hair for tying these special flies. Not all deer hair is created equal, I know what the Fly Tyers need to get the perfect fly.”  ~ Joe Ackourey

Compara Dun Deer Hair Uses

Light Compara Dun Deer Hair Uses: Light Cahills, Cream Variants also great for Cream Caddis
Medium Compara Dun Deer Hair Uses: Hendricksons and March Browns also great for Tan and Green Caddis
Dark Compara Dun Deer Hair: Blue Winged Olives, Blue Quills, Quill Gordons and Slate Drakes also great for Black Caddis and Grannoms